Research & development activities are promoted under this programme through grant-in-aid support to recognized autonomous R&D organizations and academic institutions proposing to undertake time-bound projects in the thrust areas identified. A Working Group is constituted specifically for this purpose with experts in relevant areas. It provides full advisory support in implementation of this activity in cyber security arena through analysis of technology trends, identification of thrust areas and preparation of technology development plan as well as evaluation and appropriate recommendation of the project proposals received for financial support from DIT. Approved projects are regularly monitored by Project Review and Steering Group (PRSG) specifically constituted by the Working Group for each project.

Proposals are required to be submitted in the prescribed format. Projects get priority for financial support based on the area and relevance to the user organizations /industry. The grants are given to autonomous R&D and academic organizations. Funds are provided for capital equipment, software, manpower recruited specifically for the project and reasonable institute overheads, consumables, travel and contingencies.

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