R&D in Convergence Communications & Broadband Technologies (CC&BT)


Convergence Communications & Broadband technologies have been recognized world over as the key technologies for economic growth and development. Moreover, the Next generation Communication, Network and Broadband technologies are making tremendous impact towards increased business productivity, social transformation and in bridging the digital divide. The proposed National Broadband Plan for extensive creation of broadband infrastructure during the 12th plan period offers the next major growth opportunity in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) after tremendous success of mobile services in the country. Broadband enabled internet applications have huge potential n practically all sectors of the economy and particularly in e-governance, e-health, e-learning, e-commerce and e-entertainment sectors. The components of the numerous services and applications would evolve around the following: Broadband Access Network, Mobile and Wireless Network, Broadband Transport Network, CPE & Terminals, Management of Services and Network, Multimedia & Content and Security

The ICT sector has attracted substantial investment from MNCs in recent times. A number of multi-nationals have set up their R&D centers with large investment, in the country. These centers focus on state-of-the-art technology and product development; utilizing the large pool of R&D manpower. The demand for quality R&D manpower, therefore, continue to increase, and in order to sustain the R&D investment, we need to supplement the ever-growing demand for the quality manpower for R&D. High rate of obsolence, pervasive nature, the thrust area and quantum of indigenous resources needs to be injected into R&D to face increasing competition with MNCs.

During last five years, a number of projects in the area of communication, networking and broadband were successfully completed such as TETRA based Digital Mobile Radio, Vehicle mount compact Tetra base-station, 4G Wireless standards and simulator, Indoor Personal Relays, LTE Test Bed developed with industry contribution, Wireless LAN manager, Underground Mines communication system, Software Defined Radio for multiple channels, Wi-Max QoS test bed set up, Rapidly deployable Wi-Max Wireless Mesh Network, Wireless Sensor Networks applications for agriculture & transportation test bed set up, Monitoring system using RFID tags in underground mines, Broadband over power line, Broadband over cable, UWB Transceiver with antenna, Resilient Packet Ring Technology (RPR), High Power and Spectral Efficiency Multi-user System for Broadband Wireless Communication, Design of High Speed and/or Low Power Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalizers, Design and Implementation of MB OFDM UWB transceiver modules using Asynchronous Pipelining, Smart Antenna for Wireless Applications etc

Indo-Dutch Collaboration for Research & Innovation in IOT, Big Data & Serious Gaming - Call for R&D Proposals

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