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Electronic System Design & Manufacturing

Industrial Promotion 

Over the last couple of decades India has been the epicenter of consumer demand fuelled by a phenomenal GDP growth. While demand increased across all sectors, demand for high technology products, specifically electronic products has registered significant growth and going by current estimates, the demand for electronics hardware in the country is projected to increase from USD 45 billion in 2009 to USD400 billion by 2020 (Source: Task Force Report).

The estimated production will reach USD 104 billion by the year 2020, creating a gap of USD 296 billion in demand and production. This creates a unique opportunity for companies in the ESDM (Electronic System Design & Manufacturing) sector to look at India as their next destination to cater to the domestic Indian demand as well as act as an exports hub.


Accordingly, the Government has initiated several initiatives for the development of electronics sector in the country. The Government has recently approved National Policy on Electronics (NPE). One of the important objectives of the NPE is to achieve a turnover of about USD 400 Billion by 2020 involving investment of about USD 100 Billion and employment to around 28 million by 2020. This interalia, includes achieving a turnover of USD 55 Billion of chip design and embedded software industry, USD 80 Billion of exports in the sector. Moreover, the policy also proposes setting up of over 200 Electronic Manufacturing Clusters. Another important objective of the policy is to significantly upscale high-end human resource creation to 2500 PhDs annually by 2020 in the sector.

As part of the efforts to promote the electronics sector, we are setting up a semiconductor wafer fab in the country. India has become the hub for semiconductor design with nearly 2000 chips being designed per year and more than 20, 000 engineers are working in various aspects of chip design and verification. Annually India is generating nearly USD 2 Billion in revenues for the chip design services. This provides an enabling environment for the semiconductor wafer fab which will come up in India.

Several other policy initiatives have been approved in last few months. These include providing very attractive financial investment in electronics manufacturing and providing preference to domestically manufactured electronic goods in all Government procurement as well as all those electronic goods whose use has security implications for the country. The financial incentives are available not only for new units but also for units relocating from abroad. Besides, when we speak of electronics, apart from covering electronic hardware products relating to IT and office automation, telecom, consumer electronics, electronic components, etc., we cover a wide range of products relating to verticals like solar photovoltaic, automotive electronics, medical electronics, avionics, LED etc. To address the issue of infrastructure, a scheme for Electronics Manufacturing Cluster provides 50% of the cost of upgrading infrastructure and logistics as grant in aid from Government.


India has a vast pool of innovative and talented human resource. Our human resource is our strength which we offer to an investor from abroad. We produce over 200,000 engineers every year. We also propose to enhance the number of post graduates and PhDs in Electronics so that abundant manpower is available for Electronics industry to grow and flourish.

List of Notified Brownfield Electronics Manufacturing Clusters in India for M–SIPS Scheme
(As on 24.12.2013)

S.No. State Brownfield Electronics Manufacturing Cluster for MSIPS, Scheme Cluster-ID Reference Notification date
1 Andhra Pradesh Districts of Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy & Medak, AP-1 26th June 2013
2 Districts of Nellore & Chitoor, AP-2
3 Vishakhapatnam, District AP-3
4 Krishna, District AP-4
5 Haryana District Gurgoan HR-1 23rd December 2013
6 Bawal, Tehsil HR-2 19th February 2014
7 Dharuhera, Sub Tehsil HR-3 19th February 2014
8 Himachal Pradesh Block Kandaghat HP-1 23rd December 2013
9 Block & Urban body area, Solan HP-2
10 Block, Dharampur HP-3
11 Block, Nalagarh HP-4
12 Urban body area Nalagarh, HP-5
13 Urban body area Baddi HP-6
14 Urban body area Parwanoo HP-7
15 Karnataka Districts of Bengaluru, Bengaluru Rural, & Tumkur KK-1 21st March 2013
16 Mysore, District KK-2
17 Kerala District Thiruvananthapuram KL-1 23rd December 2013
18 District Alappuzha, KL-2
19 Maharashtra District Pune MH-1 23rd December 2013
20 Mumbai
(includes Mumbai City District and Mumbai Suburban District)
MH-2 19th February 2014
21 Navi Mumbai
( Includes Navi Mumbai Municipal limits area)
MH-3 19th February 2014
22 Madhya Pradesh Districts of Dewas, Indore, & Dhar MP-1 21st March 2013
23 Bhopal, District MP-2
24 Raisen, District MP-3 19th February 2014
25 Puducherry Union Territory of Puducherry PD-1 13th May 2013
26 Punjab Mohali-Greater Mohali Development Authority areas PB-1 13th May 2013
27 Rajasthan District Jaipur RJ-1 23rd December 2013
28 Tamil Nadu Kancheepuram District TN-1 26th June 2013
29 Uttar Pradesh Noida - Greater Noida, Development Authority areas UP-1 21st March 2013
30 West Bengal Kolkata, District WB-1 13th May 2013
31 Haldia, Development Authority area WB-2
32 Kharagpur,(Kharagpur area coming under Midnapore Kharagpur Development Authority) WB-3
33 Durgapur,(Durgapur area coming Under Asansol Durgapur Development Authority) WB-4
34 Siliguri,(Siliguri area coming under Siliguri-Jalpaiguri Development Authority ) WB-5
35 Howrah, District WB-6 26th June 2013
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Document Classification   Download
Policies Policies • National Policy on Electronics, DeitY , 2012(4.13 MB)
• DeitY Logo for ESDM jpeg(741 KB) cdr(31 KB) pdf(454 KB)
• National Telecom Policy ,Dept of Telecom ,2012
• National Manufacturing Policy (2012), DIPP,Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2012
• Semiconductor IC Layout Design Rules 2001
• Semiconductor IC Layout Design Act 2000
Study Reports & Presentations • Presentation : Electronics India , Second Sunrise, October 2013(927 KB)
•  Indian ESDM Market - Analysis of Opportunity and Growth plan, An IESA - Frost & Sullivan Report, January 2014 (4.4 MB)
• Indian ESDM Disability Identification Study, An IESA - Ernst & Young Report, January 2014 (2.4 MB)
• Communications Need Assessment Study for ESDM Sector 2013(4.19 MB)
• Promotion of Electronics/ IT Hardware Manufacturing(Annual Plan 2012-13), DeitY , 2012 (23 KB)
• IT Industry Performance Annual Review for 2012-13 (7.51 MB)
• IT Industry Performance Annual Review for 2011-12 (2.41 MB)
• Recommendation on "Telecom Equipment Manufacturing Policy",TRAI,2011(93.06 KB)
•  Report of Taskforce to Suggest Measures to stimulate growth of IT, ITES and Electronics Hardware Manufacturing Industry in India,DeitY,2009 (4961 KB)
Union Budget Provisions • Electronics Related Interventions in Budget 2014–2015 (74 KB)
• Electronics Related Interventions in Budget 2013–2014.
FAQs   • FAQs on various aspects related to Foreign Direct Investment in ESDM sector
Semiconductor Wafer Fab • Extension of Last Date of Submission of EoI-Setting up of Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication (FAB) Manufacturing Facilities in India , DeitY, October 2013
• Empowered Committee for identifying technology and investors for setting up of Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication (Fab) Manufacturing Facilities in the country, DeitY , 2011
• Terms of Reference of Empowered Committee for evaluating proposals, DeitY, 2011
•  EoI Advt. for Setting Up of Semiconductor Fabs, DeitY , 2011 (41 KB)
Study Reports & Presentations • Study on Semiconductor design, Embedded software and Services Industry , ISA & DeitY , 2011 (17.49 MB)
• 2010-2012-India Semiconductor Market Update, ISA-Frost & Sullivian , 2011
•  Department of Electronics and IT’s Presentation regarding Fab, DeitY , 2011 (41 KB)
Incentive Schemes SIPS • Special Incentive Package Scheme (SIPS) DeitY , 2007 (377 KB)
• Special Incentive Package Scheme (SIPS) Guidelines DeitY , 2007 (247 KB)
Modified SIPS  Policy notifications, formats and application forms

• Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPS), DeitY , 2012 (1.8 MB)
• MSIPS Initial Application Form for new project (151 KB)
• MSIPS Initial Application Form for expansion project (164 KB)
• Application Fee Under MSIPS, DeitY, 2012 (458 KB)
• Checklist for Completeness of Application under M-SIPS (577 KB)

 General guidelines and orders
• Guidelines for the Operation of the Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (2012) (216 KB)
• Amendment of MSIPS Guidelines para 2.3 with regard to expenditure on building, DeitY, May 2013 (32.8 KB)
• MSIPS guidelines amendment of para 6.3 with regard to applicable investment threshold in the case of manufacturing of more than one product, DeitY, December 2013 (45 KB)
• Guidelines for smooth functioning of Technical Evaluation Committee (TECs) of M-SIPS, DeitY, July 2013(74 KB)
• Order with regard Inclusion of Solar Photovoltaic under M-SIPS , DeitY,2012 (1.1 MB)
• Order with regard to appointment Nodal Officer for M-SIPS DeitY (216 KB)

• Office Order : Constitution Appraisal Committee for M-SIPS , DeitY , 2012 (386 KB)
• Addendum dated 02-09-2013 : Constitution of Appraisal Committee for M-SIPS (46 KB)
• Order regarding Industry Advisory Committee For M–Sips, DeitY, March 2013 (113 KB)
• Order regarding Constitution of Technical Evaluation Committees- Electronics Products(88 KB)
• Order regarding re-constitution of Technical Evaluation Committee (MSIPS) Electronics Products DeitY, February 2014 (370 KB)
• Order regarding Constitution of Technical Evaluation Committee (MSIPS) for Automotive Electronics (82KB)
• Order regarding Constitution of Technical Evaluation Committee (MSIPS) for Assembly Testing Marking and Packaging, DeitY, May 2013 (177 KB)
• Order regarding Constitution of Technical Evaluation Committee (MSIPS) for LED Produt DeitY, August 2013(107 KB)
• Order regarding Constitution of Technical Evaluation Committee (MSIPS) for fab project DeitY, August 2013(46 KB)
• Order regarding Constitution of Technical Evaluation Committee (MSIPS) for Medical Electronics, DeitY, February 2014 (354 KB)
• Order regarding Constitution of Technical Evaluation Committee (MSIPS) for Electronic Manufacturing Services, DeitY, February 2014 (343 KB)

 Third Party Appraisal
• EoI Advt. to select a Financial Institution for Third Party Appraisal of proposals received under MSIPS, DeitY, 2013 (272 KB)
The last date for the submission of the EOI response is being extended. The revised due date will be announced shortly.

EPCG / DE-RS • Brief Introduction to Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme & Duty Exemption and Remission Schemes , Dept of Commerce,Ministry of Commerce & Industry
ITIR/Electronic Manufacturing Clusters ITIR  Policy notifications and guidelines

• Notification of the Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) by Government of Andhra Pradesh, DeitY, November 2013 (456 KB)
• Notification of the Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) by Government of Karnataka, DeitY, June 2013 (337 KB)
• Policy Resolution for setting up 'Information Technology Investment Regions', DeitY , 2008(3.16 MB)

EMC  Policy notifications and guidelines

• Electronics Manufacturing Cluster Scheme (EMC), DeitY 2012
• Notification of Guidelines for constitution of Special Purpose of Vehicle(SPV) for implementation of Electronics Manufacturing Clusters(EMCs)(1.32 MB)
• Guidelines for Operationlization of Electronics Manufacturing Cluster Scheme (EMC), DeitY, 2013
• Handbook for Appraisal of applications under EMC Scheme , DeitY
      • For Brownfield EMCs (477 KB)
      • For Greenfield EMCs (622 KB)
• Office Order: Nomination of Nodal Officer for EMC Scheme May 2013
• Notification for Non- Refundable Application fee under EMC Scheme
• Details of approved (in-princliple) Greenfield EMCs, DeitY , 2013
• Details of Applications Received under EMC Scheme, Till 31st March, 2014

  Notifications regarding Brownfield EMCs for the purpose of MSIPS

• Notification of Brownfield EMCs at Bawal, Dharuhera, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Raisen
• Guidelines for notifying Brownfield Clusters under M-SIPS, DeitY ,2013
• Notification of Brownfield EMCs at Bengaluru, Bengaluru Rural, Tumkur, Mysore, Dewas, Indore, Dhar , Bhopal, Noida - Greater Noida, DeitY, 21st March 2013
• Notification of Brownfield EMCs at Mohali-Greater Mohali ,Puducherry ,Kolkata, Kharagpur, Haldia, Durgapur, Siliguril, DeitY, 13th May 2013
• Notification of Brownfield EMCs at Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Medak, Nellore ,Chitoor, Vishakhapatnam, Krishna, Kancheepuram, Howrah, DeitY, 26th June 2013
• Notification of Brownfield EMCs at Gurgoan, Solan etal, Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Pune Jaipur, DeitY, December 23, 2013 (910 KB)
• Notification of in-princliple approval for setting up common facility centre at Brownfield EMC at Electronic City,Bengaluru, Karnataka, DeitY, January 2013 (1.2 MB)
• Details of approved (in-principal) Common facility centres in Brownfield ESDM Cluster, Till 31st March, 2014 (177 KB)

R&D and IP Development Schemes and Orders • Office Memorandum: Working Group on Electronics Materials & Components Development, DeitY, June 2013 (468 KB)
• Multiplier Grants Scheme (MGS) , DeitY , 2011 (46 KB)
• Support International Patent Protection in Electronics & IT Scheme(SIP-EIT), DeitY
• Working Group for Development of Innovation and IP in ESDM sector, 2012 , DeitY
Study Reports • Detailed Project report on Electronic Development Fund , 2012
• Report of Innovation Council On Nanoelectronics , DeitY ,2012
Promotion of Exports Policies • Foreign Trade Policy , (w.e.f. 05.06.2012), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2012
•  Foreign Trade Policy Procedures, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2012
• Foreign Trade Policy Procedures Annexure , Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2012
• Consolidated Foreign Direct Investment Policy - Circular 1 of 2012, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2012
Focus Products •  List of electronic items notified by DGFT under FPS & MLFPS as on 10.7.2013(361 KB)
•  Amendments in the Reward/Incentive Schemes of Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14, Department of Commerce, April 2013
• DGFT Public Notice, Ministry of Commerce & Industry,July 10,2013(19.1 KB)
•  List of Electronics Products Eligible for Benefits under Focus Product Scheme for Exports, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, 2011
• Set Top Box under Focus Product Scheme of Foreign Trade Policy
MAI & MDA Schemes • Market Access Initiative (MAI) & Market Development Assistance (MDA) Schemes by Dept. of Commerce, 2011
Deemed Exports Scheme • Deemed Exports Scheme(2009-2014), Ministry of Commerce & Industry,2009
Tariff Structure   • Notification on disallowing Flat Panel (LCD/LED/Plasma) Television under Baggage rules, Ministry of Finance, August 2013
• Notification regarding exemption of duties for Custom Cleared shops on airports,Ministry of Finance, May2013 (46 KB)
• Central Excise Notification, Ministry of Finance, May 2013 (179 KB)
Human Resource Development Approved Schemes • Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI)
• Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC)
• A Scheme to enhance the number of PhDs in the Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) and IT/IT Enabled Services (ITES), DeitY, March 2014 (490 KB)
• Notification issued for implementing Scheme for financial assistance to select States/ UTs for Skill Development in ESDM Sector(English- 484 KB) (Hindi- 405 KB), DeitY, October 2013
• Capacity building in Electronic Product Design and Production Technology at CDAC and NIELIT ,DeitY , 2012 (115 KB)
• Sanction letter for the setting up of Telecom Sector Skills Council, NSDC , 2012
Study Reports • Human Resource and Skill Requirements in the Electronics and IT Hardware Sector: Report, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) , 2009-10(467 KB)
• Mapping the Manpower Skills in the IT Hardware and Electronics Manufacturing Industry, MAIT 2008 (2.72 MB)
• Report on Workshop regarding ‘Challenges and Solutions in bridging the gap of Skilled Human Resource (HR) in ESDM Sector, held on 02.03. 2012 , DeitY , 2012
• Minutes of the first Brainstorming Workshop for Setting up of Sector Skill Council in Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM), held on 26.04.2012, DeitY , 2012 (38 KB)
Standards Mandatory Registration Scheme
For details, visit:
 Policy notifications and guidelines

•  Electronics & Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012.
• Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Amendment Order 2013,", DeitY, June 2013 (210 KB)
• Notification to Second Amendment to Electronics & IT Goods ( Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order 2013(109 KB)
• "Circular No. 2 of 2013" Clarifications on compliance to the "Electronics & IT Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012"(78 KB)
• Clarifications on compliance to the "Electronics and IT Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012", DeitY, May 2013"
• Circular No. 3 of 2013" concerning the implementation of "Electronics & IT Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012" for goods under testing with BIS recognized labs(66 KB)
• Important Communication Regarding Customs Clearance for Samples, DeitY,December 2013(149 KB)
• Guidelines for series Approval
•  Dept of Commerce Instruction No. 78 (SEZ Units allowed to sub-contract to DTA units for upto 3 yrs), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, October 2013(667 KB)
• Scheme for setting up / up gradation of Electronic Product Testing / Quality Control Laboratories(117 KB)
• Application Form For Setting up/ up-gradation of Quality control / electronic products testing laboratories

• Appropriate Authority for CRS Order, DeitY, Nocember 2013 (368 KB)
• New Chairman for the Technical Advisory Committee(132 KB)
• Office Order: Scrutinizing Officer, ESDM (Standards)- CR extension, DeitY, June 2013(204 KB)
• List of labs recognized by BIS for safety testing, October 2013 (230 KB)
• Order: Setting up of Technical Advisory Committee on "Electronics & IT Goods, Compulsory Registration" , by DeitY, 2012

• Extension Beyond 03.01.2014(232 KB)
• Guidelines on the process for grant of extension under the Electronics & IT Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012, as per the Notification of Extension, DeitY, 20th March 2013 (186 KB)
• Date Extension - Implementation of "Electronics and IT Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012(121 KB)
• Extension of date coming into effect of the “Electronics and IT Goods(Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order,2012” for Goods under testing with BIS recognised labs(75.2 KB)
• Notification for extension of "Electronics and IT Goods (Compulsory Registration Order), 2012"
• Format of Extension Order to be granted against applications, DeitY, issued on June 17, 2013(215 KB)

 Formats and application forms
• Format of application for extension in the date of implementation under Electronics & IT Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012, DeitY,issued on June14, 2013 (.pdf, 216 KB) (.xlx, 83 KB)
• Portal for online application for Compulsory Registration

• FAQ on "Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012"(232 KB)
• Handbook of Information: Applicant guidelines for submission of items for testing under Compulsory Registration Scheme

• Weekly Status of Workload of Labs Under CRS,DeitY, December 2013 (195 KB)

Recently Notified Standards • EMF Radiation Recommendation-Acceptance of IMC , Department of Telecommunications,2011(27.6 KB)
• Voluntary Energy Standards, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE),2009
• Standards on LED,Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE),2012
• Batteries for Portable Applications DeitY & BIS,2012
Technical Advisory Committee Meetings • MoM for TAC meeting II on Series Approval
• MoM for TAC meeting III on Series Approval
• MoM for TAC meeting IV
• MoM for TAC meeting V
• MoM for TAC meeting VI
• MoM for TAC meeting VII
• MoM for TAC meeting VIII-recommendations not accepted
• MoM for TAC meeting IX
• MoM for TAC meeting X
• MoM for TAC meeting XI
• MoM for TAC meeting XII
• MoM for TAC meeting XIII
• MoM for TAC meeting XIV
Interim Extension Issued by Deity Under Compulsory Registration Order • Interim Extension Issued by Deity under CRS
e-Waste Management Rules • e-Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, Ministry of Environment & Forests , 2011 (1283 KB)
Preference for Domestically Manufactured Electronic Goods Scheme • PMA Guidelines for providing preference to Domestically Manufactured Electronic Products in Government procurement, DeitY, June 2013 (4.58 MB)
• Revised Notification: Preference to domestically manufactued electronic products in Government procurement, DeitY, December 2013(3.9 MB)
• Guidelines for implementation of PMA policy for providing preference to domestically manufactured Electronic Goods in Government procurement against DGS&D Rate Contract, February 2014(224 KB)
Electronic Products Notified

• PMA Notification for LED Products, DeitY, May 2013 (911 KB)
• 26 Telecom Products Notified for Preference in Government Procurement,Dept. of Telecommunications,2012
• PMA notification for desktop and dot matrix printers , DeitY,2012
• PMA Notification for Tablet PC
• PMA Notification for Laptop PC
• PMA Notification for Smart Cards

Product Specific Initiatives Set Top Boxes • Report of ISA Workshop on STB, ISA , 2012
• Expression of Interest for Development of Indian Conditional Access System (CAS)
LED • Minutes of the meeting held on 15.5.2012 to understand LED manufacture ecosystem of LED lights
Electronic Components • Electronic Components, Hardware Market & Manufacturing Output Study including related Assemblies & Value Chain in India (ELCOMOS Report),ELCINA & DeitY , 2012 (58735 KB)
Aakash • Press Release(347 KB), DeitY, June 2013
• Aakash IV Technical Specifications, DeitY, January 2014 (391 KB)
• Procedure for Certification/Technical empanelment of tablet manufacturers for DGS&D rate contract (448 KB)
Flat Panel TV • CBEC Notification on Flat Panel: Import under Baggage, Ministry of Finance, August 2013 (23 KB)
Technology Offers for Potential Manufacturers Transfer of Technology • Applied Materials (1 MB)
• C-DAC (1 MB)
• Coral Telecom (827 KB)
• Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) (2.7 MB)
• EFY Exports (12 KB) • EOS Power (51 KB)
• GMR (2.0 MB)
• Indic Electronics (65 KB)
• Infineon (268 KB)
• Interra Systems (288 KB)--Interra Systems - Design Services Overview.pdf(1.6 MB)
• Kaynes Technology (279 KB)
• Linepro Controls (12 KB)
• Olympic Pharmacare (20 KB)
• SAMEER (3.85 MB)
• SGS Tekniks Manufacturing (142 KB)
• Srishti ESDM (747 KB)
• Suventure Services (46 KB)
• Synopsys (52 KB)
• TE Connectivity (657 KB)
• VNL Shyam (9.2 MB)
Joint Venture/Technology Acquisition • Accurex Biomedical (13 KB)
• Bhagyashree Industries (50 KB)
• BHEL (320 KB)
• Compucare (225 KB)
• OEN India (161 KB)
• Vetril Electronics (94 KB)
ITA Agreement • Information Technology Agreement by WTO , 1996
Study Reports and Presentations • India’s presentation at Symposium on the 15th Anniversary of the Information Technology Agreement , by DeitY , 2012 (213 KB)
Country–specific Initiatives Japan • Re-constitution of Japan Help Desk in DeitY, February 2014 (154 KB)
• Japan Help Desk at DeitY,March 2013 (122 KB)
• Joint working Group with Japan
US • US–India Bilateral Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Dialogue
Israel • Israel Help Desk at DeitY, August 2013(419 KB)
State Level State Electronics Policies • Madhya Pradesh Industrial Promotion Policy 2012 (As amended in 2012) , Govt of MP .
• Madhya Pradesh IT Investment Policy 2012, Govt of MP.
• Electronics Hardware Policy , Govt. of Karnataka, 2011 (7903 KB)
• Electronics Hardware Policy , Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, 2012 (10970 KB)
• West Bengal Policy on Information & Communication Technology , 2012, Govt. of West Bengal
• Maharashtra Industrial Policy 2013
• Karnataka ESDM Policy 2013
State/UT IT Secretaries •  List of State/UT IT Secretary, 2013(84 KB)
Promotion of MSMEs   • Application Formats for the MSME Scheme
•  Scheme for supporting MSME's in Electronics Sector, DeitY, March 2014 (1.55 MB)
National Awards   • National Awards for ESDM (418 KB)
•  Application format for the National Awards Scheme(222 KB)
• Implementation Guidelines for the National Award Scheme(6 KB)
Electronics e-Newsletter 2014 Editions • February(English)(Japanese)
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Industry Associations   List of Associations related to Electronics Industry in India(130 KB)
Press Releases Electronic Manufacturing Clusters • Guidelines for notifying Brownfield Electronics Manufacturing Clusters under M–SIPS , DeitY,2012
Modified SIPS • Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme(M–SIPS) to offset disability and attract investments in Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing Industries, DeitY,2013
Promotion • MCIT’s Round Table discussion on ESDM : Focus on Avionics, Automotive Electronics, Medical Electronics and LEDs , DeitY,2013
Standards • Labs Recognized for Testing of Electronics Products
PMA • Notifications for providing preference to domestically manufactured Laptop PCs and Tablet PCs in Government procurement
States • Centre to Collaborate with State in the promotion of Electronic System Design and Manufacturing Industry, DeitY,2011
General • Electronics India Sunrise-ESDM Feature, 3rd February 2014(4.38 MB)
• Department of IT renamed as ’Department of Electronics and Information Technology’







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