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Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC) (Head Quarters)

Pune University Campus
Ganesh Khind
Pune - 411 007
Maharashtra (India)
Phone : +91-20-2570-4100
Fax : +91-20-2569 4004
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From its mission of building indigenous supercomputers in 1988, C-DAC has progressively grown and enhanced its competencies in other areas of ICTE such as Multilingual Computing, Software Technologies, Electronics, RF, VLSI-ASIC and Hardware design of specialized industrial products. Through in-house R&D and in synergistic collaborations with Academia, Research Labs and Industry, C-DAC has developed tools, technologies, products and services to meet the needs of industry and end-users in Scientific and Engineering, manufacturing and service, government, health and other strategic sectors.

Activities of C-DAC

C-DAC activities categorised under broad thematic areas of technology are enumerated below:

High Performance Computing (HPC) and Grid Computing

The emphasis is on designing HPC systems using off-the-shelf components such as CPUs and storage along with in-house designed hardware such as high speed networks and accelerators, system software such as light-weight communication protocols, program development environment, and facility management tools; and a range of application software to solve problems which necessitate a massively parallel computing environment. Integration of several HPC systems with a high-bandwidth backbone network to create a national grid infrastructure is also being pursued.

Multilingual and Heritage Computing

C-DAC continued its efforts towards enhancing the features of already developed tools as well as development of new tools for increased use of IT in Indian languages. These include Comprehensive Indian language support for all computer applications, Machine Aided Translation Systems, Text-to-Speech, Optical Character and Handwriting Recognition, and Indian language software tools to empower the physically challenged.

Software Technologies and Foss

Development and deployment of software tools, technologies and solutions continued in the areas of e-Governance, Web services, Geomatics, Multimedia computing, Operating Systems, and Digital library. NRC-FOSS activities aim at establishing and processing viable alternatives to MS-WINDOWS. These include applications, tools, and consolidation of Open Source Software into a single Indian-language enabled CD called BOSS etc.

Professional Electronics, VLSI and Embedded Systems

This area includes design of hard-core circuits, hardware, signal processing algorithms, firmware etc. for electronics products and systems. The R&D work focuses on development and validation of various re-usable Intellectual Property modules applying them in various electronics systems. The broad areas of Power Electronics, Advanced Wireless Communications, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Acoustics and Ultrasonics, Control and Automation Systems are covered.

Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics

To assist in the enforcement of IT Act and to build up expertise in tackling the menace of cyber crimes, C-DAC became a major partner of E-Security Division of DIT for research and product development. Major activities are software suite for digital evidence acquisition and analysis by law enforcement authorities, Tools for analyzing network log files, analyzing and reconstructing digital data from sessions of captured network data, Steganography Suite to detect image files with hidden text messages, and Enterprise Forensics and network security assurance products.

Health Informatics

C-DAC has a range of telemedicine products, for Open Source, Windows-based, Web enabled and point-to-point, Enterprise specific requirements. Many solutions have been installed in various parts of India including the north east.

Education and Training

Besides technology development, C-DAC is engaged in Human Resources Development in the area of Electronics and Information Technology, with a range of educational programmes. The activities are aimed at enhancing the technical skills of young people at graduate level. Employment-oriented capsule programmes and diplomas in specialized software areas such as Embedded Systems, Geomatics, Cyber security, Enterprise Resource Management, Language Technology and Localisation, .NET, JAVA, JSP,IBM Mainframe, etc. offer value-addition to students and employed professionals to enhance their career prospects. C-DAC also offers M.Tech, MCA and MBA Programmes which are recognised by AICTE, and affiliated with reputed Universities.

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